Monday, November 1, 2010

IT BEGINS WITH THREE: Worlds of Ravenloft final edition

Some six years back, the Midway Haven Observatory began an ambitious project to create a series of netbooks that would list down new domains for Ravenloft. Today, the "Worlds of Ravenloft" project begins to return full circle.

The three domains listed below are from the series themselves, updated and expanded for D&D 4th Edition rules. In the future, hopefully before the end of 2010, all the best of the old "Worlds of Ravenloft" series would be updated and expanded as has been done below. Of course, this goes without saying that new domains would in all possibility come up as well.

Enjoy these new worlds, and here's to the dark wanderlust of the soul!
Dorjiloka, Ukhu Pacha and Mubonyete

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Points of Light in the Domains of Dread

After four years wandering the limbo of the Domains of Dread, the Midway Haven Observatory has finally found a new home! This site offers the latest player material for aspiring explorers in the classic Ravenloft campaign setting, with a preference for 4th edition rules. Since this is still new, please do bear with the design, it'll improve as time goes by.

As a sort of "blessing," Midway Haven has released its first 4e download: The Hidden Ways Volume 1, with seven new powers each for the assassin, cleric, druid, rogue and warlock classes. Each class also comes with a history that ties with the Domains of Dread.

Update (Oct. 19, 2010)
Apparently there's a glitch in our PDF program, so a backup copy of the Hidden Ways Book 1 is available below.

Ravenloft: The Hidden Ways 1
The Hidden Ways (Book 1)

The Hidden Ways (Book 1 backup)