Friday, April 8, 2011

The Book of Storms: Ready to Accept Articles!

After nearly a decade of relative calm, storms have finally gathered over the horizon
and would soon unleash their cold fury over the dark of night! The year 2011 welcomes the release of the Book of Storms, the latest in the “Book of S” series of Ravenloft netbooks hosted by the Secrets of the Kargatane website. This time though, the Book of Storms has found a new home in the Midway Haven Observatory.

Once again, as before, the Book of Storms needs fans to fill its pages with unofficial high quality material for use in the Dungeons & Dragons classic Ravenloft campaign setting and its spinoff, the Masque of the Red Death campaign setting. What primarily would make this new Book of S different is the fact that, for the first time, submissions that utilize the 4th edition (4E) rules of D&D would now be accepted.

The projected release date of the Book of Storms is on October 31, 2011, here at the Midway Haven Observatory blog site:

The Book of Storms will cover both Ravenloft and Masque of the Red Death material,
including both 3rd edition and 4th edition articles, and will have a very broad focus. Submissions can relate to any aspect of the Ravenloft setting: magic items, NPCs, monsters, adventures, prestige/paragon classes, rules, domains and more. If it’s good, the Book of Storms will have a place for it.

All submissions, whether or not they are accepted for inclusion in the netbook, remain the sole property of the author. Articles should be checked for spelling and grammar before submission. The Midway Haven Observatory reserves the right to make minor spelling and grammar changes; if a major revision of a submission is necessary, the author will be asked to make any necessary changes.

When submitting your article, please note the following instructions:

• All articles should be submitted as plain text, preferably in the body of your email or, alternatively, as a text (.TXT) attachment.
• The subject of your email should read “BoS: [Insert Article Name Here], [Your City
and Country], [Edition]”
• Your article should have blank lines between each paragraph. This simply makes the
article easier to read and format.
• Please send only one article per email.
• Please include your name and email address within the body of the email for reference.
• Before submitting any articles, please be sure that you have read "Creating High Quality Articles for the Books of S," which can be downloaded here.
• Send your articles to: midwayhaven(at)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Guidelines for articles for the Book of Storms are now available. Click here to download PDF.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Storms Are Coming!

Yes, we have it now.

After nine years, the long-lost Book of Storms has a new home here at the Midway Haven Observatory. It follows the tradition of all previous Books of S released by the Secrets of the Kargatane website and would of course be a collaborative effort of old and new Ravenloft fans alike. Submission guidelines for the Book of Storms would be posted some time this week.