Friday, September 14, 2012

Worlds this Winter

In lieu of the "Book of Sins" project (which is now being pushed to 2013), WORLDS OF RAVENLOFT will instead be Midway Haven Observatory's release for the end of 2012. Compiled within are a dozen or so domains that are as diverse as the inexplicable denizens of the Mists themselves. Three previews have already been circulating for two years now (Dorjiloka, Mubonyete and Ukhu Pacha, downloadable here on MHO as PDF's). Worlds of Ravenloft will feature even more realms, classified into three sets:

1 - The Sundered Skies Cluster: a collection of domains that mirror the nations of Asia;

2 - The Forgotten Conquests: individual domains that have fallen under the rule of conquering empires;

3 - The Distant Impossibilities: truly remote domains that take travel and culture within the Dread Realms to the absolute limits.

Stay tuned for more updates and previews!

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